The Best Alternative to Milk and Creamer

The best alternative to using traditional milk, creamers, and half-and-half is Dure Foods liquefying creamer. This is the best way to have a creamer product because it doesn’t take up too much space in a kitchen, or end up going to waste because you don’t use it in time, and it’s easy to carry around or add to various recipes.

Great Ways to Use Liquefying Creamer

Contrary to what many people believe, powdered or liquefying creamer doesn’t always have to be used in coffees or teas. There are other great uses for liquefying creamer, such as in yogurts, pancakes, gravies, and soups.

Adding flavoured creamers to yogurt can enhance the taste of yogurt and give it an extra creamy flavour. Unflavoured creamer can also be used in the place of milk in any mashed potato recipe, and it works well as a milk substitute for sauces, gravies, and soups.

Powdered or liquefying creamer can also be used in more complicated recipes like in soufflés. A great way to use hazelnut flavoured creamers is in a sweet potato soufflé.

Advantages of Powdered Creamer

The best advantage to our powdered or liquefying creamer is that it will cut your costs! One gallon of our non-dairy creamers is cheaper than a normal gallon of milk, cream, and even dairy half-and-half.

Another advantage of buying the powdered or liquefying creamer at Dure Foods is that it cuts the cost of storage. The packages at Dure Foods are 1.2-pound pouch-packs and only takes up a few inches on a dry shelf compared to the gallon that would take up space in the fridge.

The third advantage of the great powdered creamer is that it cuts down the cost of running the refrigerator. Since you don’t need to refrigerate the milk or creamer, then there isn’t a need to continually open the refrigerator. The way that Dure Foods powdered or liquefying creamer cuts down on waste is that you are only going to use what you need.

How it Keeps Customers Happy

A great way to keep customers happy through powdered creamer is that it cannot be tasted and is healthier in baked products. It also tastes great in coffee or teas.

Additionally, liquefying creamer means it’s not just comparable to half-and-half—it’s even better than non-dairy products. It has a great consistency that is rich and creamy no matter how or where the products are used. Our fine granulation also is great for customers because it prevents our products from clumping, making it more appetizing.

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Why We Like the Brands and Products We Like

Businesses always try and figure out how people gravitate to products and brands they have an affinity for. As they are trying to figure out what it is their brand or product needs to be that go-to brand for their audience, it’s also interesting to know why we like the things that we like! Let’s take a look at why people seem to always go towards the lifestyle brands or products that they have an affinity for:


Even though you might not even think about it, you seem to unconsciously stick with a brand based off of its reliability. Even if you haven’t seen anything significant, if that brand didn’t cause any problems for you or affect anything negatively, people have a tendency to just stick to that brand of product. For example, if you decide to buy your first bottle of shampoo after you move into your first home, and that shampoo made your hair feel fantastic, you are most likely going to buy that same brand again when you run out! In some way or form, that product or brand has made you rely on its performance.


Whether you realize it or not, we rely on the brands or product that was most effective. If the product was ineffective and caused no results or caused any problems, which is most likely not a product you would go back too. With that said, we tend to always gravitate to the service or product that already passed our test. Sometimes these decisions aren’t even made on hard proof!


Price always goes a long way, if we didn’t care about money, we would all probably be using the same expensive product! Sometimes our go-to choices are based on the price, not necessarily the cheapest one, but one that fits more comfortably in our budget. Say you love the way brand A protein supplement tastes, but it’s twice as much as brand B but holds the same results. You are most likely going to always stick to brand B, if the price is one of your influences. It’s a known fact, we tend to gravitate towards the same brands we can afford.

If It’s Worked Before It Will Work Again!

The number one thing we do is keep sticking with a product or brand that has worked for us before. We think, “why should I stop using something that has already been working for me?”. This is the case for many people whether they notice it or not. It doesn’t mean you’re reluctant to try a product you do not have an affinity for, but you wouldn’t gravitate toward it over your regular (or normal) brand or product.

Passed Down

If your momma used it, you’re bound to use it too! Whether your parent had a favourite sauce, go-to car shop, or favourite grocery store, you’re bound to continue on their traditions because it is what you are used to.

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