Should Your Co-Packer Be Permanent or Temporary?

There are many advantages to hiring a co-packer, but before working together you must determine if the partnership will be ongoing or a one-time collaboration. Many factors can decide this, such as the scale of your business and the amount of staff you already have. While there are benefits of having a recurring relationship with a co-packing company, there are also circumstances where hiring a company for just one job can be preferable. Below are some reasons you might hire a co-packer permanently or temporarily:

Permanent Co-Packer

If you want your food business to run on a larger scale and permanently expand, you may need help beyond the resources you currently have. In this case, you might want a co-packing company to be a regular asset for producing and distributing food. Just working with a co-packer once would not be sustainable if you want your food production to permanently expand, and are unable to do so with your current staff.

Once your business has a high enough demand, and you’re ready for your product to be mass produced, you will definitely want to become a regular client of a co-packing company. This can also be beneficial if you’re having a hard time finding staff with proper training. A reputable co-packing company such as Dure Foods will have co-packers will all the necessary certifications. If you work regularly with that that company, finding qualified staff will not be an issue for you.

Temporary Co-Packer

Working regularly with a co-packer can be useful in many ways, but a permanent collaboration is still a significant financial investment. If your food business is just starting out and your product is not yet scalable or in high demand, it may not be time to start a long term partnership. Still, even a temporary hire of a co-packer can be beneficial in many situations. For example, if your business is hired for a certain event with a much higher volume of customers than you are used to, working with a co-packer for that event would be extremely helpful to increase your production scale.

Working with co-packers and other clients can help build connections in the industry, even if the arrangement is only temporary. The experience of hiring and collaborating with co-packers can also give you a better understanding of what the job entails and how it could help you in the future. That way when your business expands and you’re able to take on a permanent co-packer, you’ll already know the benefits of doing so and have previous contacts to choose from.

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Dure Foods is available for both temporary and long-term partnerships with our clients. Whether hired for one job or several, our workers are professional, skilled and able to handle any job you may request. If you need a co-packer, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do for your business.