Essential Qualities to Look for in a Co-Packer

While there are certain certifications that qualify a co-packer to work professionally in the food business, there are other qualities that separate good co-packers from subpar ones. Those qualities might be more difficult to notice since they are not legal requirements, but understanding them will help you hire the right co-packer for the job. If you are running a food business, these are some of the qualities you should be looking for in a co-packer:

Good Work History

Co-Packers are an important part of many food companies, especially large ones that require their product to be mass produced and widely distributed. For those companies, co-packers cannot just be competent, they need to be skilled, efficient and able to anticipate and deal with any potential issues. A good indication that you’re working with a truly professional co-packer is if they’ve worked successfully with large companies, like Dure Foods has.

Respects Privacy of Your Recipe

If you’re hiring a co-packer to produce their food, you are also giving someone access to the recipes of your business. You must be very careful when choosing a client for this reason, as you don’t want all of your hard work to be stolen. One of the best ways to prevent this is to have your potential co-packer sign a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that the co-packer will make your food while being unable to reproduce the recipe for their own gains or for other companies. The sign of a good co-packer like Dure Foods is one that will be open to these legal boundaries before being hired.

No Hidden Fees

When in discussion with a potential co-packer, ensure that all the fees being paid have been fully established before anything is signed. When asking about any additional fees, make sure that the co-packer is upfront about it, and there is a clear distinction between who pays for what. If a co-packer is transparent about what fees they will cover, that demonstrates they are professional and trustworthy. Companies like Dure Foods will clarify all fees before officially signing on.

A Real Collaboration

Maybe the most critical requirement is that you should look for a co-packer that wants a true partnership with your food business, and is not just looking to make a profit. A good working relationship with a co-packer is essential for your businesses success, so make sure that you have good communication, shared goals and business and production plans with your potential client. A credible and competent co-packer is important of course, but one you can work well with is equally important.

At Dure Foods, we want to have this kind of collaborative partnership with our clients. If you want a co-packer that is professional, secure and has a great work history, contact Dure Foods.