Why Your Business Needs a Registered Co Packer

Why Your Business Needs a CFIA Registered Co-Packer

CFIA stands for Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Being CFIA registered means that a product or commodity from a company has been approved to meet certain standards. This certificate allows a person to trade or export food between provinces in Canada. Dure Foods is CFIA registered, which allows our business to accomplish things that unregistered businesses cannot.

Why is being CFIA Registered Important?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is dedicated to the health and well-being of Canadians. To be CFIA registered means that the agency approves your product as safe for consumption and distribution. For any food business, ensuring that the food you distribute to your customers is safe to eat is a top priority. Of course, that priority would have to be shared by any co-packing company that you hire.

A company being CFIA registered tells you that their work in the food industry has made safety an importance for the consumers, and that they can reliably make a product under your company’s name. Hiring CFIA registered co-packers gives your business more legitimacy, as customers will see that you work with professionals that care about health and safety. Companies like Dure Foods are CFIA registered to show clients that they follow CFIA approved safety guidelines for every product they make.

Benefits of hiring a CFIA Registered Co-packer

Ability to export

Approval from the CFIA means that a business can export food within Canada and from other countries into Canada. If your food business wants to trade and export food to multiple clients across Canada, hiring a CFIA registered co-packer is essential. A CFIA registered co-packer is a great choice for businesses that want to expand their client base or open new locations across Canada.

If you need food products exported to Canada from other countries, a CFIA registered co-packing company would be able to help you. This gives you more options of where to purchase and export food for your business. CIFI registered co-packers like those at Dure Foods give you far more opportunities to distribute your food on a larger scale compared to unregistered co-packers.

Saves time and money

Instead of going through the effort of CFIA registration yourself, hiring a co-packing company with workers that are already CFIA registered saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. This also saves any money you would need to get the registration, and allows you to use that time to continue building your business. Dure Foods has the CFIA registration and experience to handle any kind of food packing job you need. Let us take that burden off your hands and do the job for you.

If you run a food business and are looking for a co-packing company, a CFIA registered company like Dure Foods is your best option. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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