Brand Owners: Discovering Untapped Opportunities In Outsourcing

Outsourcing is recognized as an essential step in increasing market share and production capacity of a small to medium sized business. This is largely due to the variety of opportunities which become accessible to brand owners after they delegate a portion of business processes to an external agency.

While the most obvious example may be the reduction in costs associated with lower priced labor or materials, this is only one aspect of the complex commercial agreements which comprise the notion of outsourcing.

If properly orchestrated, outsourcing can portend a multi-stage evolution of business, centered on:

  • Opening New Markets
  • Increasing internal Resources, and
  • Product Development

Outsourcing New Markets

Outsourcing offers the unique opportunity of leveraging new points of production to interact with alternate markets. One key aspect of outsourcing is the possibility of partnering with an agency which can also assist in penetrating multiple markets.

Additionally, having a local, trusted organization behind your product will likely offer any distribution channels which that organization relies on. This means that a well-designed outsourcing agreement will ensure the Brand Owners products are being manufactured correctly, and effectively distributed in key, new markets.

Increase Brand Owner Resources

The resources associated with manufacturing can sometimes be staggering, associated with facility costs, direct labor, and indirect labor costs. Partnering with an expert manufacturer will remove the capital restrictions required to procure, operate, and maintain the manufacturing process.


This does two important things. First, it offers brand owners the increased opportunity to spend time growing their business in other ways. Secondly, it reduces the burdens associated with these responsibilities.

Essentially, the risks and rewards are shared between the brand owners and the company outsourcing. This can prove to be essentially important for smaller businesses who would benefit greatly from a shift in expenditure from manufacturing to sales or advertising.

Outsourcing and Product Development

On the one hand, the goal of outsourcing is to find a manufacturer to produce your product as you have designed, but what if there is a better way? Outsourcing can offer some unique opportunities surrounding product development which can be associated with the expertise and experience of the outsourcing company.

In other words, part of a partnership with an external agency is that you get the benefits of their manufacturing skills. This may mean that a locally produced material in the manufacturers region, which is not accessible to brand owners, may be a better solution.

Likewise, costly production equipment which would have been out of a brand owners price range could become available. In many ways, choosing a high-quality outsourcing organization can lead to dramatic changes in product development.

Should I Outsource?

The question of outsourcing is a widely debated political topic, but in this increasingly globalized world, it is an essential step in the expansion of up and coming businesses.

Dure Foods is fully capable of not only helping you outsource your product, but also strengthen your brand presence with custom formulations aimed directly at your client profile.

Outsourcing offers brand owners a variety of opportunities which would be otherwise inaccessible, and will prove to benefit not only the bottom line, but also the satisfaction of their customers.

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