Dure Foods is committed to being a responsible and engaged corporate citizen. We are constantly striving to reduce our footprint and do our part for the environment and the world.

Here are a few of the ways we are making a difference:

Saving Energy

The entire warehouse lighting was replaced with a more efficient system which allowed us to reduce our hydro usage by 18%.


Packaging waste ending up in landfills has steadily declined since 2007 when Dure Foods launched an extensive program with Waste Solutions Canada. Our landfill diversion rate has gone from less than 15% to more than 50%.

All corrugate is baled and picked up for recycling.

Used super sacs are baled and picked up for recycling

Dure Foods had a device engineered whereby some of our super sacs may be re-lined and used again.

Innovative Packaging

Dure Foods has developed a entirely recyclable canister to replace a composite can, which is not recyclable because of the tin end and foil lining.

This new design also enhances Food Safety because this canister may pass through a metal detector, where a composite canister cannot.