Custom Product Packaging for Sales

Great Packaging = Sales = Success!

When it comes to the success of your business, Dure Foods believe that custom product packaging is always better than a generic design.

A custom design means the packaging can be refined to the needs and preferences of the business, including colour, style, functionality and more, which all have an impact on how well your business is positioned and how well the products will sell.

Ultimately, custom packaging can help increase sales in a number of ways. Maybe you not exactly sure how beneficial it could be for your business, which is why we’ve created a list of the benefits of creative packaging.

Increase shelf impact

Shelf impact refers to how distinctive and appealing a product is on the shelves, and it can make all the difference when it comes to sales.

If a product does not stand out on the shelves, consumers won’t see or be interested in the product and therefore they won’t buy it. For this reason alone, choosing a well thought out design for the packaging must not be overlooked.

Creative packaging

Not only do you want your product to look great and reflect the values of your company, but you are competing with many other brands on the shelves.

The reality is, the average supermarket stocks approximately 40,000 different items and that is a lot to contend with! Therefore, having shelf impact is imperative for product sales to stand out. If you need help with creating a package design that will stand out on the shelves, contact Dure Foods today.

Strengthening brand value

When you get the packaging right, the capacity to strengthen brand value increases. Custom packaging designs can help the customer understand who you are as a company, what your values are, what you do and how this product will help them.

All of these factors combined create an emotional connection to your customer, which means your customers will relate and feel connected to your brand in an instant.

Emotional connection is key to sales, because people pay for how it makes them feel, and good packaging will help create that connection.

Creative Packaging

Improve user experience

Thought out packaging designs not only looks great, but they will help improve your customers experience as well. Said simply, the better your customers experience is of using your product, the more likely they will buy it again.

It is important that you consider how practical your design is when it comes to user experience, because the practicality of your products determines functionality, shape and size of the products container, and sales. It’s found that the more accessible the product is to use, the higher sales go up.

For example, when Heinz turned the ketchup bottle upside down, sales increased enormously.

To wrap up

Hopefully, you can see the impact a good packaging design has the potential to have.The packaging design of your product is the last thing your customer sees before they make a decision to buy, so it’s important you get it right. If you need help with creative packaging for your company, contact Dure Food today.

Benefits of Bananas - Dure

Benefits of Banana

Bananas & Health

Bananas are considered to be one of the healthiest foods for your body. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, B, C, iron, and zinc. Bananas are also one of the most widely known sources of potassium. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of bananas and why they should take the place of your between-meal snack.

What are the Benefits of Eating Bananas?

There are many benefits of bananas. They are an effective and healthy source of energy. If you want to combat afternoon fatigue at work or if you want to make the most of your workout session, a banana is a healthy alternative to a sports or energy drink. This is because they contain natural sugars that provide your body with energy. More on this later.

If you are struggling with heartburn or ulcers, a banana is a perfect snack for you. It also improves your digestion, making you feel comfortable and energetic. This means that when you regularly eat bananas, it will also help you to sleep better at night. Similar to chocolate, bananas can also improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. But why are bananas so good for you? Let’s take a look at what happens at a physiological level when you eat a banana.

What can a Banana do for Your Body?


One of the biggest benefits of potassium is that it blunts the effect of sodium. Sodium reduces your kidney’s ability to remove water and increases your blood pressure. Potassium also normalizes your blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessel walls. It follows, then, that regularly eating bananas should be a key part of your heart-conscious lifestyle.

Benefits of Banana


Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and sugar, making it an effective source of energy. This may be, however, a red light for people who are watching their carb intake. The good news is that the average banana has a glycemic index of more or less 52 and contains 3 grams of fiber. Dietary fiber intake is important, especially for diabetics since it slows down digestions and the absorption of carbohydrates.

If you are worried about your sugar intake, make sure that you only eat smaller bananas that are greener, since green bananas contain more resistant starch than yellow or ripe bananas. It will provide your body with a healthy and consistent energy release without you feeling fatigued or hungry.

Fiber also moves faster through your digestive tract and improves digestion. In combination with a banana’s ability to change your stomach’s pH levels, fiber can prevent reflux and heartburn.


Bananas contain tryptophan. This is an amino acid that your body converts into serotonin, a feel-good chemical. Well-maintained serotonin levels are believed to keep depression at bay. It can also improve your mood, sleeping patterns, and libido.

How Often Should You Eat Bananas?

It is recommended that you eat around one or two bananas a day. People with heart conditions can even eat up to three bananas per day. If you have type 2 Diabetes, you can also eat two per day as long as they are not too big or ripe. Children can eat one banana per day, as it may reduce the risk for leukaemia and asthma.