What You Should Know About GMO

What You Should Know About GMO

How much do you know about GMOs? Even if you stay well informed of everything you put into your body, you may not know when you are consuming GMOs.

It’s been over two decades since the first genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) crops were approved in Canada in 1996.

GMOS, “Genetically Modified Organisms”, are present in as much as 80% of North American processed foods, particularly in the US which utilizes a much broader range of modified crops. GMOs are banned or closely monitored in the majority of other countries, however, in Canada foods containing GMO’s have been ruled safe for sale and are not required to be labeled as containing GMO’s. Not only are we unaware when we are consuming GMOs, the majority of people are unaware of the potential risks associated with GMO consumption.

1. Overall Health

Of all the newscast or articles you have encountered about GMOs, how many of them have told you the affects GMOs really have on your health?

  • Numerous studies have shown that GMOs can effect and cause gastrointestinal problems, organ health, immune system disorders, increased early again, and infertility to name a few.
  • Many medical organizations urge GMO free diets, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The American Public Health Association, and The American Nurses Association.
  • GMOs were introduced in 1996, since then, there has seen an increase in illnesses. Though, there is no sufficient scientific proof linking the GMOs to the increase of illnesses such as Autism, food allergies, reproductive disorders and digestive problems; many health care professionals believe that is no coincidence and we should switch to GMO free diets now rather than later.

2. Food Allergies

Unknowingly consuming a food or product that you are allergic to can not only cause an inconvenient reaction and sickness, in many cases it can lead to more serious problems. This is one of many risks to consuming foods containing GMOs.

  • Genetically altered foods, GMOs, can sometimes be genetic combinations or contain cross strands of other products. When unknowingly consumed, these GMOs, lead to health risks for the unknown and possibly allergic consumer.
  • Studies have shown that since GMOs have been introduced, allergic reactions to food and ongoing allergies have shown a drastic increase both in individuals consuming GMOs and farm workers exposed to BT sprays on GMO crops.

3. Lack of Labeling

Even when you are trying to avoid foods containing GMOs, it won’t come as easy as reading labels at the supermarket. Despite peoples demands for all GMO products to be labeled, there is currently no law requiring labels on foods containing GMOs. You can find some foods that are labeled with Non-GMO stickers, but the majority of products leave you with a lack of information regarding GMOs.

What You Don’t Know About GMO Can Hurt You

Source: Radio Canada International

4. Genetics

Though, thorough research has not been conducted, it is believed that GMOs could have long term effects on the genetics of the human race. No scientific evidence has been presented, but given the health effects that GMOs have from consumption and their effects on the environment; the long term effects of GMOs are believed to be greater than the current effects of consuming GMOs.

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Protein Meal Replacement

During recent years, I’ve found more people have become aware of what they are putting into their bodies and how it can change their entire lifestyle to be aware of their health. Nowadays, people are more likely to want to go to the gym and care most of all about the various foods they are eating. They want to eat at home more than going out, and if they have kids they want to start their kids eating healthy. I feel this is a great thing. However, so many of us work long hours and cooking all our meals, especially after a full day of work, can be nearly impossible. This is why so many of us turn to meal and protein meal replacements to fill our bodies with nutrients when we don’t have time.

The difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes

Even though they are both meal replacements, there are large differences between these two types of replacement shakes, especially when it comes to calorie content. Meal replacement shakes have been designed and made to replace one or two of your daily meals. They have been made primarily for weight loss, and to maintain your current weight. They give you essential nutrients while being low in carbs, and also having a low-calorie content. A protein meal replacement, however (also known as a protein shake), is made for one purpose: to give you protein. It contains hardly any carbs, fats, or essential nutrients, and has hardly any calories. Protein shakes are not designed to replace a meal, but are designed to boost your bodies’ protein level, especially after an intense workout.

How to get the best meal replacement that Is full of protein

For the best form of weight loss by using meal replacements, here is what you need to follow:

  • Only have your meal replacement shake twice a day for one meal and one snack (do not cut out real food completely)
  • Must contain at least 200 calories and be well balanced with protein, carbs, fibre, and the essential vitamins your body needs
  • Use the shake for the meal that you have the most trouble with (if you hate mornings and don’t have time, use it for breakfast, instead of grabbing a doughnut with your coffee)
  • Only use when you need to: If one day you have little time, use it then, but if on another day you have time, don’t have any
  • Rather than having a meal replacement, sometimes eat only fruits and vegetables as a snack with a strong protein shake
  • To keep a steady weight loss, ensure your actual meals also have a lot of nutrition and are well balanced


There are many protein meal replacements and supplements on the market today. The best way to find the one you like most is to test them out for yourself.

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