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Of Men and Mousse

Mousse is an airy, whipped dessert that brings all the richness and flavour of a dessert into a light, rich, and delicious treat. Akin to whipped cream, mousse is delicately whipped but has an even airier texture. It comes in a wide variety of flavours, the most common being chocolate, but it also can come in sweet, fruity, herby, and even savoury flavours as well. The primary binding ingredients for a mousse are eggs, cream, or even gelatin. This allows the mousse to be stiff while retaining its airy qualities.

The Historical Significance of Mousse

The word mousse is French for “foam,” and the dessert is French in origin. The evolution of flavoured mousses actually began with savoury mousse in 18th century France. Dessert mousses didn’t appear in the food repertoire until the latter half of the 19th century, and they were generally fruit mousses.

Chocolate mousse was first popularized in America in the 1930’s, which coincided with the introduction of both chocolate pudding mix and the electric mixer. This fateful meeting brought about the invention of mousse dishes in America as they are known and loved today. Beyond the chocolate mousse, other flavoured mousses began getting popular after the second World War, when French food became more popular in the United States.

Mousse represents technological advances in the kitchen. It represents the melding of cultures, and the experiment of flavours.

Dure Mousses

Dure Foods was first started by Scott Malcolm in 1978. At first, they only manufactured one product, dish soap, but as the years went on, the company grew. It wasn’t long before Dure Foods were producing some of the beloved favourites, such as specialty coffee powders, and also their flavoured mousses.

Dure mousse comes in a wide variety of flavours, each one just as good as the next. They feature lemon, peach, strawberry, cherry, banana, blueberry, raspberry, tiramisu, butterscotch, and coconut flavours, in addition to the classic vanilla and chocolate mousses. This exciting variety of flavours ensure that everyone can find a Dure Mousse that will quickly become their new favourite dessert.

The flavoured mousses made by Dure Mousses are simple to make, delicious desserts for the whole family. With simple, long lasting ingredients, Dure Mousses are a great last-minute dessert option for parents on the go. Dure Mousses are an all-around crowd pleaser. They seem like a fancy dessert, but they are actually very simple to make, which makes them a great kitchen hack.

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To this day, Dure Foods is family owned and operated. Dure Foods offers a wholesome glimpse at the food manufacturing and sale business in Canada. Our top-of-the-line products continue to impress their customers after all these years. From coffees to their famous mousses, Dure Foods is sure to impress the entire family.

For a better, easier dessert, turn to Dure Mousses. These fun, family friendly, desserts are a departure from the norm in the best way possible. Light, fluffy, airy, and delicious, Dure Mousses are a taste of international history conveniently manufactured in an easy-to-make powder form. To indulge in your favourite mousses, contact us today!