When Co-packaging is Right for Your Business

Co-packaging can be an extremely helpful assistance in many cases, but how do you know when or if your food business is ready for it? This is a question that we get at Dure Foods quite often. Here are some reasons why co-packaging is beneficial for a business and if your business is a good fit for it.

What is a co-packer?

A co-packer is a company that can manufacture food for a client. Working with a co-packer is great for smaller businesses that are not able to afford a larger factory or warehouse to produce food at a mass scale or for businesses that want to focus on expanding their business that does not include building a food packing facility. Co-packaging allows companies to build their business without having to spend the large amount of money that mass manufacturing would require.

Reasons to Use a Co-Packer

Experience and Practice
A co-packaging company will know the most efficient means of buying and producing food based on previous experience. If your company wants to focus more on the business end of things, food production can be handled by the co-packing company. Additionally, food packing companies have knowledge about the most cost-effective ways of producing food, so if you hire the right food packaging company, your business will save money on food purchases. Co-packaging requires money, but a good co-packaging company can also help you save money in other areas.

Keeping up Demand on a Larger Scale
If you have any interest in expanding your business, but are not able to keep up with the higher level of demand, it might be time to upgrade to co-packaging. Expanding your business can also expand the amount of customers you can reach. For many businesses, operating a large staff with multiple locations can be far too much to handle, and would not be a realistic strategy. Co-packaging offers an effective middle-ground that prevents you from being overwhelmed by operating a large business while also relieving you from not having to do everything yourself.

Work with Professionals
If the co-packaging company you hire is BRC certified, as we are at Dure Foods, then there is a guarantee that you are working with people that are qualified for the job and know how to perform it without instruction. Being BRC certified means that the company is aware of food safety management and adheres to food health standards, so you’ll know that there will be no risk to the customers, yourself or your business. If you are considering hiring a co-packaging company, these qualifications are a good guide to see which ones are the most legitimate.

If you are looking to get involved with a co-packer, give us a call at Dure Foods. We would love to talk to you about your project and see if it is a fit for both of us.