Healthy Kids and Healthy Meal Supplements

Convincing kids to eat healthy is a leading problem that most parents have in common. Every parent wants to be sure that their child is getting the proper balance of vitamins and nutrition to help them strive and lead a healthy life. A major question among parents is whether or not meal supplements are safe for children and what are the risks and benefits of using meal supplements when you are struggling to meet the dietary standards of children.

Generally speaking, meal supplements are safe for children, you can even purchase child specific meal supplements to aid with picky eaters. The key Is to find a supplement that meets your child’s dietary needs. Using an adult supplement may not be a realistic choice. In order for a meal supplement to be a healthy choice for children, you need to be sure that you are using the right supplements, like the ones produced here at Dure, and not just giving your child liquid junk food in the illusion of something healthy.

  1. Sugar Content

Chances are that if you looking to give your child a meal supplement, you are looking to feed them something nutritious like Dure’s Strawberry Banana Children’s Meal Supplement; unlike the doughnuts and candy that they would probably prefer.

  • Always take a close look at the nutrition label, sugar should never be one of the first two ingredients. Even some of the most popular store bough and recommended brands warrant a glance at the nutrition chart.
  1. Proper Vitamins and Minerals

Choosing the meal supplement that is proper for your child is the most important part of selecting a meal supplement to begin with. Be sure that the supplement that you select has the proper amount of daily nutritional value that is recommended for your child.

  • Start by consulting your pediatrician about the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals your child needs. Your pediatrician can also help you to understand if your child is falling behind in growth and needs more than just one meal supplement or if they need added protein in the mix to help them meet the growth standards.
  1. Consider the Other Ingredients

Sugar isn’t the only ingredient you need to be weary of when choosing a food supplement. Always keep in mind things like dairy, gluten, and soy.

  • If your child is continuing to drink whole milk on a daily basis, chances are you are already meeting their needs of calcium and can focus more on a meal supplement with less calcium or milk in it.
  • Consider any food allergies that your child may have. Purchasing a pre-made meal supplement means that it will probably contain dairy, soy, and gluten. Consider making a meal supplement smoothie at home from Dure’s powdered health additives rather than mixes you just mix with milk.
  • Depending on your child’s needs, this may be as simple as adding milk, ice, and a banana in the blender for a snack or quick breakfast on the go. You should also consider using natural sweeteners, such as, bananas or dates in place of honey, sugar, or other processed sugars.

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