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Extreme Sport Secrets: 5 Benefits Of Having A Chocolate Protein Shake

Utilizing modern advancements in powdered food supplements can lead to better physical and mental performance.

Nowhere is this more relevant that in the topic of protein supplements. Adding a chocolate protein shake to your diet can not only help to boost your workout routine, but can lead to substantial gains outside of the gym.

However, not all protein shakes are made equal, and sifting through the various alternatives may seem tedious at best. What is important is to analyze the calorie and sugar content, the source of the protein, and the additional mineral complexes provided. Dure Foods is proud to offer the best products of this kind you can find, anywhere.

After careful consideration, the benefits of drinking a chocolate protein shake will be more than just a satisfyingly tasty treat.

Here are the top 5 examples of how adding this type of powdered supplement can impact your life:

  • Build Muscle
    Protein, and the constituent amino acids of which it is comprised, is used by your body for the production of muscle tissue. Whether you are an athlete looking to get the edge on the competition, or simply looking for a healthy way to increase your energy, proteins are essential for the manufacture of the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.
  • Recover from Exercise
    Protein comes in various forms or isolates, which represent the source of the protein, and will determine the effectiveness due to solubility and protein percentage. Whey protein is often considered the most effective protein source due to its water solubility and its high concentration of protein per serving.
    After a workout, a full meal will take a long period to digest and therefore transform the restorative protein particles in your food to a usable state. Therefore, a highly soluble protein supplement will help repair your muscles more quickly, leading to shorter recovery times.
  • Lose Weight
    Outside of the gym, weight loss is a serious topic for many people. Chocolate protein shakes can represent a satisfying meal replacement that will have the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper body function. Additionally, providing your body with smaller, more consistent meals will increase your metabolism and help burn fat even when you aren’t exercising.
  • Stay Healthy
    Proteins are one of the most versatile and essential components in any diet, responsible for the production of hormones and enzymes necessary to ensure proper body function. Additionally, proteins are indispensable in maintaining components of the immune-system. Finally, adequate protein in a diet can help reduce the impact of aging on the body by keeping normal body functions regular and uninterrupted.
  • Fight Stress
    If the pleasure alone of drinking a delicious chocolate beverage isn’t enough to relieve your stress, there is also ample evidence that an adequate supply of protein helps to regulate serotonin production. Whey protein, in particular, has been studied as an effective method to reduce the stress causing hormone cortisol.

Are Chocolate Protein Shakes for me?

Protein is an essential part of any diet, and drinking a chocolate protein shake is arguably one of the best ways to supplement your protein intake with an easily digestible serving.

Not only does it taste great, but it can also have dynamic effects on your mental and physical health.

While protein shakes have long been relegated to the muscle-bound halls of weight rooms, they really are one of the best kept secrets in sports training.

Dure Foods is more than happy to help you maintain your best health using the finest dry blend food products on the market. For more information contact us here.