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Evolving The B2B Wholesale Market

In the world of B2B wholesale and the ever-expanding realm of big data, if the rules haven’t changed, they have shifted significantly. What was once doctrine, centered on service agents and salesmen interactions, has been relegated to good form.

For most businesses, there a number of key rules that dictate success or failure. New eCommerce techniques have breached the barrier between innovative theories, to best business practices.

This is especially the case in the food production and distribution industries, where customer interaction rates and revolutionized marketing strategies have taken the forefront.

This list will comprise some of the most important factors of building a b2b wholesale business on and off the internet.

1) Streamlining the B2B Wholesale order process.

Certainly the increase in data sharing has made acquisition of information easier and more efficient, which helps customers find what they want and helps you get it to them.

But focusing and shorter delivery times and over user interfaces of your B2B wholesale system will not only increase your customer satisfaction, but also make them more likely to come back. Additionally, this limits waste on the suppliers and retailers, who may feel the ramifications of storage costs.

This also ties directly into the reordering process, which either should be automated or streamlined to ensure that a customers’ products are always available and replenished in a timely fashion.

eCommerce solutions often find an elegant solution to this problem, either with point of contact digital systems or with an entirely automated digital servicing platform which eliminates the need for costly service reps.

However, there is something to be said for human interactions in a b2b wholesale environment. At Dure Foods, we believe in a high-touch approach to communication which builds trust and longer lasting relationships.

2) Digital Catalogues may be the key to effective B2B wholesale.

It is clear that an eCommerce platform allows for a broad spectrum of advanced features which may limit clerical errors, increase efficiency, and promote business.

Nowhere is this truer than in the development of a digital catalogue. That being said, it is possible to have a digital catalogue without an eCommerce engine, and is infinitely more effective than any alternative. This is because there are a litany of new and interesting products available that can interface with your digital catalogue.

Additionally, there are great white label development tools which can handle your catalogue for you. This means additional reduced logistical costs, and more advanced bookkeeping.

Finally, having a digital catalogue can help take a small b2b wholesale venture to the next level. Making your business look more professional and allowing you to spend more time on other important facets of your business, like production, expansion, and overall quality.

3) Data is king in B2B Wholesale

As with any market in today’s business arena, the presence of big data has changed to game regarding customer interaction and satisfaction.

Being able to monitor growing or shifting trends as they are occurring is a massively important feature which really has only existed over the past decade. Though analytics as a concept has been around for ages, it has never been so effective at bridging the disparate customer qualities which are essential to meeting a need.

Factors such as geography, business size, order habits, are all easily accessible based on analytical tools which can be easily integrated into your online portfolio.

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