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Dure Foods Hearth Side Chai Tea

Hearth Side with Chai Tea

Chai Tea

A strong black tea that is infused with milk and spices, is the wonderfully delicious chai tea. Chai is one of the only teas that is not steeped but simmered on high heat along with milk or spices. The cooking of the chai is what gives it the tannic strength of the black tea, so when mixed with milk it creates a dense and satisfying texture. As tautology as it may seem, chai tea basically means tea, tea, because chai means tea. Chai is a large part of Indian culture, and is enjoyed across the world for its smooth but bold flavour, and its many health benefits. Although the spices in chai do vary according to which region in India, but the most common ingredients are cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. This delicious tea has been a favourite for centuries to preserve health as well as increase your peace of mind.

Benefits of Chai Tea

Most people drink chai tea because of its immense flavour and for pure enjoyment. However, they are missing out on knowing the true chai tea benefits and the real reason as to why everyone should drink it. Chai is known for improving digestion, fighting inflammation, enhancing the immune system, and containing antioxidant properties. Other reports have also mentioned it has antibacterial and cancer-fighting properties. Chai is made with different spices depending on the region, so it’s important to examine the benefits of each ingredient.

Black Tea

It’s no secret that black tea is full of beneficial antioxidants. Black tea has been said to protect LDL cholesterol, and to aid in cardiovascular disease prevention. Not to mention black tea has evidence of containing anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.


Cardamom is one of the most common ingredients found in chai tea and holds its own set of health benefits. Cardamom has been proven to aid digestion, as well as supporting the immune system. Overall, it is used a form of detox by improving body circulation and fights respiratory allergies.


Cinnamon serves as one of the most common ingredients in chai Tea. This commonly used ingredient also serves as a powerful digestive property, as well as a blood sugar balancer. Cinnamon also holds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.


Once again, another digestive assistant, Clove has been proven to aid smooth digestion, help alleviate ulcer pain, and serve as another antibacterial action.


Ginger alone is immensely beneficial to the body. This root is widely used in Eastern medicine for aiding digestion, improving circulation, boosting the immune system, and has even been said to help those suffering from arthritis.

Hearth Side Chai Tea

Dure Foods fine Hearth Side Chai Tea is not only beneficial to the body in a plethora of ways, but it holds delicious flavour and spunk. Their ability to perfect the chai tea blend has made it an irresistible product.  Chai tea can be enjoyed in many ways, whether it’s a hot tea, or an iced latte, click here to start a healthier lifestyle using chai tea.

Please contact us for nutritional information regarding this product or click HERE to download the PDF.

Malcolm’s Hot Chocolate: A Quality Cup to Remember

Although hot chocolate is particularly tantalizing in the midst of cold temperatures, the warmth and richness a good cup of hot chocolate provides makes it a tasty treat at any time.

Of course, the brand matters.

Drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate at peak temperatures means you must be bringing only the best taste to your lips. As producers of the highest quality hot chocolate powders in Canada, whether chocolate lovers of the world are experiencing a blizzard or a heat wave, our finest powders are available to offer the finest taste.

Our Story

Malcolm’s Hot Chocolate, produced by Dure Foods, is the next big name in hot chocolate brands. Developed to be the finest brand in the country, we are a Canadian family company looking to provide every chocolate aficionado with a custom hot chocolate product that will enrich the satisfaction of their taste buds.

Those of us at Dure Foods have been producing the best chocolate brands in the country for over 30 years to warm our fellow Canadians and more with a chocolate taste to remember. Providing our product at various events, from the Winter Olympics to local hockey games to offer liquid courage, we produce up to five million pounds of our product a year to appease those looking for a quality cup of hot chocolate. We produce our fine custom blended mixes to provide consumers with a tantalizing taste that offers peak quality every time.

The Products We Offer

Dure Foods’ Malcolm’s Hot Chocolate is currently available in five different flavours:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Light
  • Orange
  • Mint

Aiming to provide a flavour for everyone, our selection of premium custom chocolate mixes go above and beyond to present consumers with a variety of options that will have them cozying up to their favourite cup every night. In browsing our complete selection, consumers can choose from the richness of our Milk and Dark chocolate powders, to the delicate taste of our Light offering, as well as the excitement of our much beloved Orange and Mint hot chocolate flavours. In addition, we also produce assorted flavour packs for those who are eager to explore all of the delectable mixes we offer.

Premium Quality Hot Chocolate Mixes

Our custom blended hot chocolate mixes are made with the finest quality of ingredients that have proven to appeal to a plethora of consumers we have been able to reach over the years. Our mission as a quality producer is to expand our success as the leading developer of the finest hot chocolate powders Canada has to offer. We have managed to wriggle into the hearts of many chocolate enthusiasts with our delectable flavours, but also endeavour to extend our reach to the public. Our rich ingredients are perfect to warm the bodies and minds of eager consumers, and offer quality taste for every cup.

Malcolm’s Hot Chocolate mixes can currently be purchased through fine retailers such as:

  • BrewBakers on Michigan Ave in Point Edward
  • Bruno’s Fine Foods on Dundas St. in Toronto
  • Cultured Coffee Bean on O’Connor Dr. in Toronto
  • Personal Coffee Service stores in Brantford and Hamilton
  • Remark Foods stores in London and Windsor

Our quality hot chocolate mixes – available in Milk & Dark Chocolate, Light, Orange, and Mint flavours – provide consumers with a delicious taste to remember.

Malcolm's Hot Chocolate

Choose Dure Foods’ certified highest quality products for your powdered hot chocolate needs. For more information, contact us here.