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4 Reasons Hiring a Co-Packer Can Save Money

In many ways, hiring a co-packer for your business is a large financial investment. You will have more people on your payroll, and may have to split costs between products purchased and payments from clients. Working with a co-packer may not seem worth it given the extra costs, but the benefits of professional and experienced services from co-packers will earn you far more money than you spent. Here are 4 reasons a good co-packer can save you money despite the added cost:

Paid-for equipment

Constantly purchasing the most up to date food equipment can be extremely expensive, especially if your business is independent and has to cover costs alone. If you partner with a skilled co-packing company, they will already have the best equipment and the experience to use it. Co-packers like Dure Foods always have the best and most current equipment, and can provide those tools to any clients that need them.

Scale of Production

If your business works independently, there is only so much food you can produce and distribute to clients. You may get to keep the profits for yourself, but the scale of your business will not change without any help. Co-packers may share the profit, but they can also increase the scale of production to bring more money in for both of you. Experienced co-packers like Dure Foods have already worked with many professional businesses, so will immediately have the skills, tools and workspace to expand your business.

Quicker Distribution

The added experience that co-packers bring to your business can also increase the turn-around of your distribution, allowing you to deliver to clients at a faster rate. This will not only give you time to increase your intake of clients, but the efficient service will also lead to higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, many customers may return to your business because of the reliability your quick delivery brings. Skilled co-packers like Dure Foods are able to produce and distribute food efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Certifications already earned

Another time and money consuming process is getting the necessary certifications to produce and distribute food. A professional co-packer like Dure will already have all the requirements to work for a food business. Not only will this save you the trouble of getting the certifications yourself, but the co-packers will already be fully trained and ready to work. Having knowledge about safety protocols, proper food handling and hazard prevention is important. With certified co-packers, you won’t have to worry about any costs that accidents may cause from carelessness or lack of knowledge.

Working with our professional and skilled co-packers at Dure Foods will save money for your business, not waste it. Contact Dure and we can figure out an arrangement that works for both of us.

3 Signs Your Food Business is Ready to Expand

While many smaller food businesses work independently, you may need more help when it comes time for your business to expand. If you want your business to successfully grow without losing money, you need to expand at the right time. Many of these expansions can be greatly helped by the assistance of a co-packer. Here are 3 signs your business is ready to expand, and how co-packers like Dure Foods can help you.

You can mass produce your recipe

If you want to expand your business, you need an established recipe to distinguish yourself from other businesses. However, for a larger business, it is not enough to just know the recipe. You will need to perfect it to the point it can be mass produced. More importantly, that recipe needs to be understood well by your entire staff, and replicated to the same degree of quality.

Skilled and professional co-packers like those at Dure Foods are trained to swiftly learn and replicate recipes. If you want your product ready for mass production, Dure can help you.

Your supply and demand is high enough

You won’t be able to successfully expand your business if the supply is larger than the demand. Expanding your business requires a large financial investment, and you’ll want to ensure that money can be made back. Take note of how the demand grows over time. If it grows significantly and your business becomes more successful, it may be time to expand.

Now that you’ve expanded, what happens if the supply can’t keep up with the demand? This is when hiring a co-packer can be beneficial. Co-packers such as Dure Foods are used to handling large quantities of food packaging, often under tight deadlines. If the demand for your product grows, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity. Hiring co-packers that can keep up with even the highest demands will ensure that you can capitalize on your success.

You generate enough profit

Finally, a successful business expansion requires increasing production and resources without spending more than you earn. Expansion is expensive, especially when done independently. More ingredients and packaging, larger workspace, larger storage space, payments for cleaning and inspections; all these costs can add up significantly. Larger costs demand larger profit, and keeping up with the increased need for earnings can be overwhelming.

Hiring a reliable co-packer like Dure Foods can mitigate many of these demands. Co-packers can offer space and ingredients, and some companies can produce the product themselves. If you’re business is expanding, but struggling to make profits, hiring a co-packer might be your solution.

Dure Foods has helped many food businesses expand and become successful. We can do the same for you. Contact us so we can work together and help your business grow.