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Custom Product Packaging for Sales

Great Packaging = Sales = Success!

When it comes to the success of your business, Dure Foods believe that custom product packaging is always better than a generic design.

A custom design means the packaging can be refined to the needs and preferences of the business, including colour, style, functionality and more, which all have an impact on how well your business is positioned and how well the products will sell.

Ultimately, custom packaging can help increase sales in a number of ways. Maybe you not exactly sure how beneficial it could be for your business, which is why we’ve created a list of the benefits of creative packaging.

Increase shelf impact

Shelf impact refers to how distinctive and appealing a product is on the shelves, and it can make all the difference when it comes to sales.

If a product does not stand out on the shelves, consumers won’t see or be interested in the product and therefore they won’t buy it. For this reason alone, choosing a well thought out design for the packaging must not be overlooked.

Creative packaging

Not only do you want your product to look great and reflect the values of your company, but you are competing with many other brands on the shelves.

The reality is, the average supermarket stocks approximately 40,000 different items and that is a lot to contend with! Therefore, having shelf impact is imperative for product sales to stand out. If you need help with creating a package design that will stand out on the shelves, contact Dure Foods today.

Strengthening brand value

When you get the packaging right, the capacity to strengthen brand value increases. Custom packaging designs can help the customer understand who you are as a company, what your values are, what you do and how this product will help them.

All of these factors combined create an emotional connection to your customer, which means your customers will relate and feel connected to your brand in an instant.

Emotional connection is key to sales, because people pay for how it makes them feel, and good packaging will help create that connection.

Creative Packaging

Improve user experience

Thought out packaging designs not only looks great, but they will help improve your customers experience as well. Said simply, the better your customers experience is of using your product, the more likely they will buy it again.

It is important that you consider how practical your design is when it comes to user experience, because the practicality of your products determines functionality, shape and size of the products container, and sales. It’s found that the more accessible the product is to use, the higher sales go up.

For example, when Heinz turned the ketchup bottle upside down, sales increased enormously.

To wrap up

Hopefully, you can see the impact a good packaging design has the potential to have.The packaging design of your product is the last thing your customer sees before they make a decision to buy, so it’s important you get it right. If you need help with creative packaging for your company, contact Dure Food today.

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What Is a Private Label, and How Do You Set One Up?

Setting Up A Private Label for Your Brand

A private label is a great way to grow your brand without increasing the overhead costs of expanding a brand. Also known as “phantom brands,” a private label is an opportunity for you to sell the goods you wish to sell with the assurance that they will be marketable. Essentially, another brand that mass produces products for sale will produce your goods and allow you to market them under your brand name.

There are many benefits to establishing a private label for your brand, one of them being lower costs. Without the need for a manufacturing branch, as well as supplies and hired labor to make the goods, you and your business can save a lot of money. Other benefits of private labelling are quality control and market entry.

If your business is new, then it can be difficult to break into the market. This is made easier by private labelling, as you are assured factors like safety and quality. It also makes it easier to reach your target consumers since there are already customers out there who like the products, which the private labelling company manufactures for you to sell. Private labelling also allows you to control factors such as pricing, image, and distribution.

How to Set Up Private Labelling for Your Brand

The first step in setting up a private label for your brand is to choose what you want to sell. Start with choosing your niche. Do you want to sell shoes? Clothing? Makeup? Food? If you want to sell food, then you’re in luck, because Dure Foods has an awesome private label program.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, then you’ll want to find the product within that niche to sell. Make sure that the market for that product is not oversaturated, but that the product is well-received. This will ensure that your products will sell.

The final step in setting up a private label for your brand is to work out a deal through a private label programs. A lot of brands have private label programs where they offer lower prices for wholesale goods. There will also likely be an extra cost for printing the products with your brand name on them, but remember, the private labelling process is saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Dure Foods Private Labelling Program

Dure Foods is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1978. What started as humble beginnings quickly took off into a large and well-trusted powdered food packaging and dry blending company. Customers understand that they are getting quality products when they are engaging with Dure Foods.

Dure Foods has recently begun our private labelling program available through What this means for those that partake in the private label program is that they are able to sell the highest-quality powdered foods and dry blends while having complete control over their own business identity and decisions.

For more information on the Dure Foods private labelling program, contact us today!