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White Label Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities: 5 Reasons Why You Should White Label

Ever had anyone tell you that you should white label for your company? You’re probably thinking what in the world is white labeling and why is it important? Well, you’re about to be enlightened! Dure Foods is proud to tell you everything you need to know about white labeling, and white label business opportunities are provided below:

What Is a White Label?

Let’s break it down into simple terms, white label is when you have a service or a product that removes the brand logo from the product to use the branding requested by a purchaser/customer. For example, when you are in Wal-Mart you will see products with the brand name “Great Value”. This does NOT mean that Wal-Mart is the company producing the products, it means these companies who make the product are willing to put the product on “Great Value” packaging on the behalf of Wal-Mart instead of their own. Now that you understand what it is, you’re probably wondering why should I do this?

1. It Boosts Your Brand’s Visibility

Talk about being obnoxious! I’m talking about those brands that proliferate their brand name to get their product out there and known. You don’t want your business or product to be that guy. If the business you run offers multiple products from third-parties it is extremely beneficial to pay a little extra for white labeling your own made to order products. It will ensure you’re not being overly obnoxious, and it will professionally bring the public’s awareness of your product or brand.

White Label Business Opportunities

2. Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Smart business persons like you only white labels too third-party products that are extremely satisfactory and dependable. It is vital that you choose to white label wisely because you want the third-party to make your brand even better. When a client uses a white labeled product, they will see your name attached, which means they will most likely associate it with quality, so you will gain their loyalty and your brand will increase.

3. You Get the Luxury of Choice

If you haven’t done white labeling before, you have been missing out on the plethora of product options! Don’t bother wasting your time in working on a single product when you can white label, and choose from many products that will increase your very own brand.

4. Provides A Refined Product for Your Brand

The beauty of white labeling is the third-party brands have already done the dirty work such as beta tests, troubleshooting, and revisions. Rather than doing it yourself by going through the hard patch of launching a solo product, with white labeling you can use a popular and already-finalized product with your name! Which in this case will give your brand name an early start to success!

5. Saves Time and Money

Time and money—oh, the world’s most valuable things. As a bright minded retailer or business person, creating your very own product sounds like a great idea at first, but unless you’ve tried it before, you are unfortunately unaware of all the time and money that goes into creating your own brand. You can save your energy, resource, time, and money with white labeling. No need for trial and error until you’re actually ready, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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Dure Foods Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging for Your Business

If you represent a company that sells or uses any type of dry powdered foods, having the right packaging and quantity that best suits your customer base will play a significant role in how well it sells.

That’s why it is important to find quality flexible packaging and custom packaging options for your powdered food products. The attractiveness and practicality of the packaging, plus the relevance of the size/amount to your customer base will go a long way in making the product a success or not.

That is why companies, like Dure Foods, offer so many packaging options, including customized options. We understand that every business or retailer has unique needs and a unique customer base for their powdered food products.

To help you make the best choices for your packaging needs, it is of course important that you are firstly intimately familiar with the needs and preferences of your store or business as well as of your customers. Then, with that in mind, consider:

Type of Packaging

When it comes to packaging dry powdered food products, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Dure Foods, for example, offers the following packaging types:

  • Sacs
  • Bags
  • Pillow Pouches
  • Pouches
  • Sachets
  • Tins
  • Plastic Jars

With this many options, regardless of what type of storage or shelf space you have, and what type of packaging will be most relevant to your customer base, you can find the packaging style that suits your product and needs best.

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Size Options

Having the appropriate packaging sizes truly does play an enormous role in making sure a product is appealing to a customer or is ideal for your use, and therefore has a lot to do with customer satisfaction.

Packaging that is too large for you or your customers’ needs will lead to a product going to waste, while packaging that never has enough will lead you or your customer to purchasing the product repeatedly at less than cost effective prices.

That is why Dure Foods has a wide spectrum of sizes so that whatever your needs are, you can find what works best for you. Dure offers:

  • Super sacs, for seriously large, bulk orders
  • 50 lb bag options
  • 25 lb bulk boxes
  • 2 lb pillow pouches
  • 500 g pouches
  • 28 g sachets
  • 4’ in diameter composite tins
  • Jars of varying sizes

Whether you need bulk, or whether you are selling to customers who just need household amounts, the variety of packaging sizes Dure Foods offers can meet your needs.

Additionally, Dure also offers custom packaging, so even if all of their options still fail to meet your needs, they are happy to work with you to tailor packaging ideal for your situation.


For better or worse, the aesthetic and name of the label does play a surprisingly strong role in customers’ selection of a product. That is why Dure Foods provides both their company label as well as private label programs, utilizing shrink sleeve labeling for their plastic jars.

What is great about working with a company like Dure Foods, though, again is that they pride themselves in packaging development and custom packaging so they can work with their customers to find the best packaging solution for them, including custom labeling.

Whatever your packaging needs, Dure Foods offers the variety and the quality you need to get the ideal packaging for your business. Click here to learn more about the packaging options you can have with Dure Foods.

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