Growth of a Family Business

The Growth Journey of Our Family Business

As a family company, Dure Foods Ltd. started out small and still remains small enough to truly care for each and every product and customer. Over it’s almost 40-year life span, Dure Foods has been building a family company based on our original values to create a trustworthy brand that creates quality food products.

Despite the setbacks and challenges that growing a family business poses, Dure Foods has successfully scaled while maintaining strong commitment to our community, our standards, and our core mission.


The idea for Dure Foods was conceived by Scott Malcolm in 1978 and began operating under this one-man team. He rented a corner space in a dilapidated Brantford, Ontario, warehouse to begin filling orders for liquid dish soap, Dure’s first product.

Malcolm hired his first employee to help him at the warehouse, and they grew such a strong bond that the two still work together today.

Initial Stages of Growth

By the end of the first five years of operation, Malcolm was able to hire a staff of five to help him pack soap, sugar, and coffee whiteners. Building off the specialty coffee trend of the 90s, Dure Foods began developing products within this niche. Our company found success with flavoured cappuccino mixes and began growing exponentially.

Soon after, Malcolm was able to construct a brand new packaging facility and even added on additional square footage a few years later to add more loading docks and rooms for production.

The Family Business

Scott Malcolm’s two sons later joined him in the family business, flanking him to help direct and guide the company through the many stages of growth, learning, and success. The three of them faced the same challenges large corporations must deal with, but as a smaller team with fewer resources, it proved to be a bit more testing.

Overcoming Challenges

They needed to remain ahead of the competition, constantly innovating and finding something unique they could add to the market. Eventually they found a successful and comfortable niche in fine blended powders such as coffee drinks, soup bases, teas, mousses, gravies and creamers.

Another challenge came in building relationships with both suppliers and with customers in order to provide the best products and receive the best reactions. For a small company like Dure Foods, there are fewer connections already built-in, and these relationships must be forged from the ground up through our own dedication to networking and pitching.

While this was a large challenge to the Malcolms, it also provided an opportunity for Dure Foods to create authentic relationships formed out of genuine alignment of values and goals, rather than out of corporate loyalty or industrial red tape.

Maintenance of Quality and Values

Even after building up a large team of production staff and executive members, Dure Foods has still been able to maintain the closeness and care that the original one-man operation began with.

Despite the extra complications that a family-operated business must take on compared to corporations, Dure Foods has been able to remain in a period of growth and success since its founding due to its primary goal of producing incredibly high-quality food products to each and every customer.

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Dried Foods for Hiking

Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Activities!

Dried Foods for Hiking and Camping

Lugging food around outdoors can get annoying, but with the convenience of dried foods, no one has to lug around heavy food anymore. Dure Foods and our dried and powdered food lines are every camper, hiker, and backpacker’s dream solution to carrying around food while outdoors.

Dure Foods are great because we believe in customer satisfaction, and we are continually creating new products for customers, especially for those who like outdoor activities. We make having dried foods for camping easy.

At Dure Foods, we make sure to use the highest quality ingredients in our dried food and commit to the highest standard to help the customers succeed.

How It’s Made

Dried foods are just like the dried fruit that you probably eat on a normal basis. The same way that banana or apple chips are made is how dried foods are made It is a process of taking out the natural water in the foods to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the food and help it last longer.

Depending on the type of food, the dehydration process will be different. The most common method of drying food is through a food dehydrator. Another way to dehydrate food is through room drying, which is when the room is heated or has a high enough humidity level to change the food.

Surprisingly, by drying fruits and veggies, it makes the food tastier, more nutritious, and ultimately more lightweight, which is easier for taking on hikes.

The Advantages of Dried Foods?

When buying and using dried foods, you may think that it takes all of the nutrients out of it, but that is not the case. Choosing to eat dried fruits and vegetables is a better choice. When the foods that you are eating goes through the dehydration process, it actually becomes more concentrated, which allows the nutrients to also be more concentrated.

The only thing to keep in mind is that when food does go through the dehydration process, it is significantly smaller than its original size

Dried food is also convenient because it is lightweight. Having dried food is perfect for hiking, backpacking, and camping. Dried foods for hiking are more convenient because it is smaller since the food that has dried decreases in size tremendously. This also is why dried foods for backpacking are great, because they can fit into a small space.

Be Careful!

It is important to know where your dried foods are coming from. In the past, many dried foods had high sodium or sugar content to help with preserving the food. But nowadays, it is possible to make dried foods without any additives. Some dried foods might still have added sweeteners or a lot of additive flavors, which can ruin the dried food. Dried food is great to enjoy without any additives, and it still will have all the nutrients to add as a great benefit.

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If you are looking for quality dry foods today, check out Dure Foods. Dure Foods is a powdered food packaging company. We make sure that all of our dried and powdered foods still carry all of the nutrients. We make meal supplements, coffee, and more. Whether you want to learn more about dried foods, our great dried food products, or how to make your own mixture today, contact us or visit our website where you can always find new information.