Built for Speed; Dure Foods follows Duncan Ross to the IRONMAN Worlds in Hawaii!

Built for Speed

Over the next few months, Dure Foods will be posting and showcasing Duncan Ross and his journey to the IRONMAN World Championships.

Check back as we will be posting updates and interviews along the way!

Duncan Ross has put a lot of miles behind him, very quickly, to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on October 8.

An elite-level triathlete, the 33 year-old from Brantford, Ontario has been competing in these world class endurance events since 2011.

Dure Foods is very proud to sponsor Canadian athletes and we wish Duncan every success in his drive to the finish line in Kona, Hawaii!

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Instagram – duncan.alexander.ross

Twitter – @duncanross83

                                                     www.nrgpt.com               www.ironman.com

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