4 Important Questions to Ask a Co-packer

If you’re starting a food product business, a co-packer can be a huge asset. However, not all co-packing companies may fulfill your specific needs. Here are some essential questions you should ask a co-packer to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

Does their brand match yours?

If you’re hiring a co-packer instead of a private label, your business will be the one determining the food that will be produced. Does the co-packing company make the same kind of products that you do? If they don’t, would they be willing to adjust? Make your co-packing company aware of what your brand is and what kind of food they would be making. If you have an established brand, make sure they can fit that brand.

Can they change along with your business?

Are you looking to expand your business beyond what it is now? Are you hoping or anticipating that this will happen in the near future? If you thing significant change to your business may happen over the next few years, you should make sure that your co-packer is on the same page. Ask the co-packer company if they have any long-term plans that are compatible with yours. Also, consider whether this co-packer is a short-term or long-term hire. The co-packer might be the right size for your business right now, but if you expand, will you need a larger scale co-packing company?

What certifications do they have?

It is also important to know how qualified your co-packer is. An effective way of knowing this is to ask what certifications the company has. For example, if your co-packer has an NSF certificate, then you know their products have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If they have a BRC certification, you know they have methods of assuring safety in their food production. If you’re looking for a co-packing company and want to make sure they are professional and take their job seriously, asking about their training and certifications are a great start.

What does the co-packer already have?

Since your business is providing the food, that will add to costs along with the co-packer. But what other costs will come with hiring a co-packer? It is important to know if the co-packers already have the proper equipment needed for the job. If they don’t have equipment at all, how much would it cost for you? If their equipment is not a good fit for your food production, are they open to changing their process?

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