3 Important Questions a Co-Packer Will Ask You

Previously, we discussed questions that are important to ask a co-packer during the hiring process. However, it is also important to anticipate questions that the potential co-packing client may have for you. Since this is a mutual partnership, the co-packer will also want to know if you are a good fit for them. Here are some questions you should prepare for when discussing a partnership with a co-packer:

What is your product?

The first question a co-packer will likely ask is what kind of food products your business makes. Obviously, this tells the co-packer if they are able to produce the desired recipes, but it also gives you an opportunity the showcase the identity of your food business. It’s easy enough to just give the co-packer a list of ingredients and food options, but you can also mention the unique style or approach you want to take with your recipes.

Keep in mind you’re selling your brand and ideas as much as your product. Find a way to stand out from other businesses to make yours more enticing to potential clients. Dure Foods is open to a variety of products and styles, and we would be open to discuss any of your business plans.

Where is the product made?

If you hire a co-packer, there needs to be a space large enough for them to make the product. Do you already have a location for them to work, or are you looking for a co-packer that already has their own workspace? If you don’t have your own space, you would have to make sure the co-packer can provide this themselves. If you do have your own space, do you have the necessary facilities, tools and safety measures that co-packers need?

These questions must be anticipated because you need an idea of where and how the product is going to be made before you collaborate with a co-packer. If you do not have your own space, not to worry. Dure Foods can offer our own space for food production.

What are your business plans for the future?

A co-packer will want to know what your future plans are for your business. Are you planning to expand in the next few years? The co-packer may be a good fit now, but are they large enough to keep up on a larger scale? If you want a long term partnership with a co-packer, you should have a clear idea of your business plans so they can prepare along with you, or let you know that it won’t work out. Dure Foods is flexible with many plans, and we can continue to work with you as your business expands.

If you want to work with our team at Dure Foods, we will discuss these topics openly, and offer many kinds of arrangements and partnerships with our clients. Contact us and we will create a plan that works for you and our company.