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Advantages of White Label Reseller Partnerships

In the current climate of expanding food ordering, processing, and distribution technologies, finding the most profitable way to seize upon the zeitgeist may seem intimidating.

However, with the right skills and tools at your disposal, this is the ideal time to get involved in some of the fastest growing industries. One perfect example of this is white label resellers, which represent a business opportunity both for large organizations and small.

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There are a few main reasons why partnering with a white label reseller may be a good option:

  1. It is quick and easy to distribute your product under a white label.As a producer, the time and capital costs attributed to distributing and marketing your product can be prohibitive. Especially in the face of large scale commercial competitors, which have the reach to overshadow newer products.Looking to white label resellers as a solution can help to limit capital investment to quality control and production; factors which may be more in line with your current sunk costs.
  2. If you are looking to expand your product line. On the other end of the spectrum, looking to become a white label reseller, even if you are already a producer, can help to add products to your repertoire. While this may seem counter at first, if the end goal is to create a one-stop-shop—or capture more business—looking to white label solutions can be a tried and true alternative.It is significantly cheaper and easier than launching an untested product, and bares significantly less risk.
  3. It keeps the customer happy. Part of the benefit of white labelling is the two fold benefit of reducing cost and expanding reach. In the case of becoming a white label reseller, you have a reduced development cost. This will therefore lead to an overall reduction in the price needed to recoup losses.On the other hand, if you are looking to source your product to a white label reseller, than the costs will reduce based on the lack of advertising needed. In either case, either your product or your branding is getting to more people.

The burgeoning internet market is teeming with white label reselling opportunities.

Whether in the context of a company looking to rebrand their items in a white-label fashion, or for a new business looking to expand their product line, white label reselling is a viable option.

This is because the internet market place rewards simple solutions, with broad applications, and overall economic priorities. In other words, by provided more economic and diverse solutions, white label resellers are primed corner this new web based economy.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Stevia

In an effort to reduce total caloric content, while delivering a delicious product, many large companies have turned to a myriad of sugar substitutes.

While some of these options mitigate the health side effects associated with traditional, bleached white sugar, few offer the same spectrum of benefits of Stevia. In regards to its cost to sweetness ratio, its nutritional content, and its wide availability, Stevia is the best sugar replacement.

Dure Foods also relies on the healthy benefits of Stevia in it’s own Lifestyle Products.

This is in part due to how it is sourced, a naturally occurring compound present in a variety of small flowering plants endemic to South America. These members of the Astreceae family contain a glucose-like molecule which tastes sweet but does not affect blood sugar.

Additionally, they contain a spectrum of other compounds which have well researched health benefits.

Natural Stevia Plant

1) Losing Weight

Because Stevia can be more than forty times sweeter than sugar, depending on whether it is in a concentrated form or natural dried-leaf, it can help ween consumers off of other sweet foods.

This is complemented by that fact that stevia contains little to no caloric content. It can even be baked and cooked into products without the active chemicals breaking down.

2) Antioxidant Content

Unlike processed, white sugar, Stevia-containing plants also contain a collection of antioxidant compounds such as tannins and flavonoids among others. Antioxidants have been documented as having important health functions: preventing healthy cells from turning cancerous and helping to strengthen the immune system.

3) Clear, Healthy Skin

Some of the active chemicals in Stevia plants are Vitamin A and C. These components, along with a number of others, have been proven to increase overall skin health. Additionally, the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the Stevia plant have also been proven to treat skin conditions such as acne.

4) Diabetes Symptoms

Because the constituent chemicals in Stevia that make it sweet do not enter the blood stream, thus making it an ideal replacement for sucrose. For people with Diabetes or on sugar-free diets, Stevia can be a viable alternative that won’t induce dangerous side-effects.

5) Cost of Stevia

Despite the overall higher price by volume of Stevia compared to conventional, white sugar, the potency and effective quantity make it dramatically more affordable. This is because of the drastic difference in the amount of Stevia needed to produce the same sweetness.

Refined Sugar is not only more expensive than Stevia, but it comes with a litany of health side effects which may include diabetes, or even an addiction to the common confection.

Stevia, in contrast, can be used as a sugar substitute to provide a more satisfying level of sweetness without the complications and calories commonly associated with it.

Finally, the actual, positive health effects which are related to the nutrients found in Stevia make it a healthy replacement for a normally unhealthy flavour. These include high antioxidant content, and essential vitamins necessary for a healthy complexion and body.

Whether you are a customer looking to cut calories, or a business looking to lower costs and increase quality, Stevia is a viable option.

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