Case Studies in Food Engineering

Seven Lessons from
Case Studies in Food Engineering, Learning from Experience
J.P. Clark

There is a science to dry mixing, but there is also an element of experimentation and art involved in the engineering of a perfect powdered product!

1. In dry mixing, getting ingredients into the mixer and removing the mix in a
timely manner can be as important as having the right mixer and mix time.

2. Provision of staging bins and surge bins can increase the productivity of a given
mixer in a system, at the cost of additional equipment and space.

3. Most dry mixers are probably overfilled, so consistency can often be improved
by reducing the batch size.

4. Optimum mix time is rarely determined for each formula. Rather it is usually
arbitrarily chosen and is likely to be too long or too short. Determining mix time
is tedious but worth doing.

5. Formulas can usually be modified to maximize the use of unit quantities of ingredients – whole boxes, drums, or bags.

6. Continuous mixing is a feeding problem, not a mixing problem.

7. Feeding solids has its own challenges, including measurement, flow control,
wear from abrasion, and cleaning of complex equipment.

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Finding Your Position on the Field

The 2002 movie The Rookie focuses on Jim Morris, a high school science teacher who managed to play major league baseball long after what most athletes would consider their prime. It’s an entertaining feature and stays impressively close to the real-life story of Morris, who pitched in the major leagues from 1999 to 2000.
The audience learns at the opening of the movie that this father and high school science teacher had always loved the game of baseball. He had excelled at it during his youth, but due to various circumstances, he had to give it up before be was able to play in the big leagues.

While coaching his high school baseball team, Morris makes a bet with his team that if they can win their championship, he will try out once again for a professional team. During tryouts, he manages to amaze everyone with a fastball that falls just shy of 100 mph. This paves the way for his triumphs.
The Rookie is definitely a “feel good” movie. It’s the type of film that motivates viewers to go out and follow their own dreams, too. In addition to lifting the audience’s spirits, however, there’s a very poignant business lesson that every entrepreneur and growing business should pay attention to.
If you have the talent, there is a place for you at the table.

The digital era has made it possible for just about anyone to start a business. This has led to considerable saturation and heavy competition. It has also resulted in specialization and businesses that are able to target very specific niches.

For a new entrepreneur just beginning a new business, this can seem considerably intimidating. How does one succeed in business when there seem to be too many companies within the industry already? It’s entirely possible, provided you have the skills necessary and are ready to put in the work.

When Morris decided to pursue his dream of playing in the major leagues, he had enormous odds against him. For starters, he was significantly older than most of the other young men trying out. While they were coming to the game fresh out of high school or college, he had not played competitively himself in years. There were also numerous talented pitchers at the tryout and throughout the league. Despite these potential roadblocks, Morris had confidence that he deserved a position on the team, and he went out to earn that place. He was able to show the coaches that of all the talented pitchers available, he had something special to offer.
As a business professional, you must do the same thing. If you know you have the talent to run your business well, then focus on showing others what makes you so fantastic. There’s no industry so saturated that a talented and strategic business professional cannot become a leader. The key to success is working hard, showing determination, and having confidence in your ability. It might be hard to break into an industry that already has ample talent, but when you have the perseverance necessary, it is possible.

For those interested in starting their own business, the digital era has been a blessing. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of existing online companies can also seem intimidating. Take some inspiration from Jim Morris of The Rookie, and remember that talent and hard work can make it possible for anyone to become a leader in any industry. If you’re ready to start advertising your business, contact us today.