Watch for Dure Foods on the Food Network!

Dure Foods will be on Food Network showcasing the process and dedication that goes into Malcolm’s, our popular Hot Chocolate brand.

Tune in on Thursday, October 25 at 8:30 for Dure Foods’ national television debut on Food Factory, a new show on the Food Network.

In an eye-opening and mesmerizing new show, Food Factory takes us behind the scenes of amazing production lines to see just how our food is really made.

Watch exclusive footage of the processes we use to produce Canada’s finest Hot Chocolate.


Dure Foods Expands its Quality Assurance Department

As part of the program of continuous improvement Dure Foods is pleased to announce the addition of Laurie Johnston to the Quality Assurance team.

Laurie has 10 years experience in food manufacturing and will be our Regulatory Supervisor. In addition to standard regulatory responsibilities, Laurie will be overseeing the maintenance of our established HACCP protocols as well as maintaining Dure Foods BRC Certification (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Two Dure team members have accepted new responsibilities in our Quality Assurance Department.

Dure Foods is very pleased to announce that Carol Alford has been promoted to the position of Dure Foods Quality Assurance Supervisor. Carol has over 10 years experience at Dure Foods as the Senior Quality Assurance Technician.

Tania Cudmore is now Dure Foods Product Development Supervisor. Tania has been with Dure Foods for over 9 years and we’re proud of her accomplishments and achievements.

Dure Foods is committed to the highest level of quality assurance and these changes will help us meet and exceed our dedication to world-class safety and quality.