Everyone’s Favorite, the Cappuccino

The Origins of Cappuccino

Originating in Austria, the cappuccino is easily one of the world’s favourite coffee drinks. Typically made of double espresso shots and steamed milk, the drink provides a perfect balance of taste and caffeine to people across the globe.

Originally called “kapuziner”, a German name, the drink as we generally know it first appeared in Viennese coffee shops sometime in the 1700s. Cappuccino, as a name, comes from the Italian word “cappuccino”, meaning hood, and is believed to have been inspired by a Capuchin monk—hence the name.

In its original form, the cappuccino (then “kapuziner”) was found in German and Austria coffee houses, and was first described as simply “coffee with milk and sugar”, with no other mention of it composition or how it was created. When it pops up in writing again in the 1850s, it is described similarly, but with the addition of spices, though there is no mention of exactly which spices those may have been.

The name “kapuziner”, which was inspired by the Capuchin monks as previously mentioned, refers not to the actual hood of the monks but rather the colour of the hood, which was similar to the colour of the drink after the milk was added.

From Kapuziner to Cappuccino

The Italian variation of the cappuccino does not appear until the 1930s, and it appears to resemble a Viennese coffee with whipped cream which is then sprinkled with cinnamon or chocolate. Over the next few decades, the drink evolved into the basis of the cappuccino as we know it, with the steamed milk covering.

North Americans originally mistook the steamed milk “cover” as the basis for the name, believing the white covering to be the “monk’s hood”, though of course that was later discovered to not be the case.

Modern Cappuccinos

As the drink has evolved, so have the method of consumption and production. Of course, cappuccinos are available in cafes, but what about vending machines? The answer is yes. Dure Foods LTD offers the highest quality vending machine cappuccinos one can ever hope to find.

Flavored Cappuccino for Vending Machines

Our company prides itself on high customer satisfaction and great quality products. Our cappuccinos are delicious, and they are available in a wide variety of flavours, including original, French vanilla, English toffee, Irish cream, Swiss mocha, and hazelnut. Any coffee lover on the go is guaranteed to find a flavour to suit their cravings.

Our flavoured cappuccino starts as a packet of powder, and all you need to do is stop by a vending machine and make your purchase. Hot water is the only addition needed for these delicious, quick, and cheap coffee drinks. Dure Foods LTD ensures delicious and affordable cappuccino options for companies, and a sweet and easy coffee fix for anyone on the go.

Satisfy Your Cappuccino Craving Today!

Between the variety of flavours, the ease of purchase and creation, and the rich history of the cappuccino and its evolution, it is no wonder customers adore the Dure Foods TD flavoured cappuccino vending machines. For more information on our cappuccino products and more, visit www.durefoods.com.

Food Safety

Dure Foods: Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Dure Foods Ltd., we are fully committed to creating the safest and highest quality products possible. We go above and beyond legal food safety and quality standards to produce food products that customers can trust and enjoy with peace of mind.

We have strict policies that maintain our high standards, and we require all staff to fully support these standards so that no flaw could ever go unnoticed.

For our customers, we vow to constantly strive to increase levels of customer satisfaction by improving every day. We watch every step of the production process carefully, preventing the possibility of any hazards from the first selection of raw ingredients to the distribution of the finished product.

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and accessible environment for our employees to work in, so they can work to their greatest potential. Each staff member is fully trained on our safety policy, and we are consistently working to improve that policy to become clearer and better than before.

Health and Safety Affiliations: Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products

Health CanadaAs a Canadian company primarily selling to the Canadian market, the standards of the food industry here are our greatest priority. The Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate has established the Natural Health Products Regulations in order to provide Canadian consumers with effective, safe and high-quality products.

These regulations include licensing requirements, evidence of safety and efficacy policies, clear and inclusive labeling, and full site licensing. They also outline what good manufacturing practices are, including proper sanitation programs, batch samples, recall reporting, product specifications, equipment and personnel standards, operations, stability and recording. Adhering closely to these regulations has provided an easy guide to safety and quality for Dure Foods.

Health and Safety Affiliations: British Retail Consortium Standard

Another set of safety standards Dure Foods complies with is the British Retail Consortium standard, created by the Global Food Safety Initiative’s Technical Committee. This standard has been accepted by 8 major international retailers including Wal-Mart and Tesco, among others.

Suppliers throughout the world in The Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, both North and South America, Australia and the Pacific islands use this standard as it has become extremely beneficial for all different kinds of players in the industry.

The BRC was created out of identified key components for operating procedures and food safety. Adherence to these guidelines earns a company a BRC certificate. The BRC is flexible enough to be able to constantly change to meet the current food environment and adhere to high customer standards while still providing a simple process for manufacturers to follow.

Health and Safety Affiliations: National Sanitation Foundation International

Dure Foods Ltd. is also affiliated with the National Sanitation Foundation international, a public health and safety organization dedicated to help protect the world’s consumer products and improve overall global human health. NSF is known to help businesses in the food industry navigate the complicated regulatory environment.

They offer a number of helpful services including training, auditing, testing, and certification. They focus on the areas of equipment, label claims, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and supermarket practices. With the regulatory aid of NSF, Dure has yet another ally to support our dedication to the utmost level of safety and quality for our products.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this safety commitment or in ordering a product, call or contact us today!